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Sophisticated, automated technology means less churn and more revenue each billing cycle.

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How Churn Impacts Revenue

When transactions fail, subscribers churn, and your business loses revenue.

Recurly's expertise in subscription commerce, our wealth of data, and commitment to innovation make our platform the top choice for maximizing revenue. Our advanced technology repairs failed transactions—increasing your monthly revenue by an average of 12%.

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Processing recurring transactions totalling billions of dollars provides tremendous insight into what makes a successful transaction—and why some transactions fail. We've identified patterns that we use to optimize our retry logic and repair transaction failures. The result? More successful transactions and improved subscriber retention.

Maximizing Revenue by Minimizing Churn

Recurly's Revenue Optimization Engine

Our sophisticated technology uses advanced statistical models and machine learning to develop our retry logic—logic that is optimized for each individual transaction.

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Retry Logic


  • Temporary Hold
  • Generic Decline
  • Processor Decline
  • Insufficient Funds
Day 1
Day 3
Day 5
Day 7
Day 9
Day 11

Retry Schedule

This exclusive technology replaces a one-size-fits-all approach with a process that's dynamic, smarter, and more effective. With our Revenue Optimization Engine, decline management strategies can recover an average of 70% of failed subscription renewals.

Actionable Insights via Recurly Analytics

Strategic decisions that support business growth require accurate, timely data. Recurly Analytics provides the insights subscription businesses need to optimize their marketing, finance, and billing operations.

Reports on Churn, Recovered Revenue, and Dunning Effectiveness show trends over time—helping you gauge business health, subscriber engagement, and customer loyalty.

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Dunning Management

Dunning is a critical component of an effective collections process. Recurly gives you the flexibility to tailor your dunning strategy to your unique business for optimum results.

Automatic Account Updates

Recurly's Account Updater service monitors subscribers' credit cards for changes and updates the subscriber's record automatically, improving transaction success rates.

Reduce churn, increase subscriber retention and capture more revenue. That's the combination that transforms subscription billing into a significant competitive advantage.