Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Handle Subscription Changes With Ease

Recurly automatically prorates billing changes that result from subscriber upgrades, downgrades, refunds, or service credits. Our automated tools generate the invoice and provide the data that supports the accounting team's monthly close process—minimizing workflow and reporting challenges created by these lifecycle events.

Reduce cancellations by letting your subscribers pause their subscription for a fixed or ‘unlimited' time. Create efficiencies by allowing your subscribers to view their account status, update their billing information, download previous invoices, and cancel or reactivate their subscription through Recurly's hosted account management page.

Automate Subscriber Communications

Automating communications ensures that your subscribers get the information they need to understand charges and changes related to their subscriptions. Recurly automatically notifies your subscribers via system-generated emails sent on behalf of your business, ensuring fast, efficient transmission of key account information.

Recurly emails are highly customizable to reflect the 'voice' of your brand. We've also translated our default emails into a number of different languages and dialects, so you can communicate with your subscribers in their preferred language and deliver a pleasant customer experience.

Minimize Involuntary Churn and Retain Subscribers

Effective decline management techniques are the key to improved transaction success rates. Recurly has processed billions of recurring transactions, and this has given us unique insights into how to improve payment success. By identifying patterns and applying machine learning, we've developed an incredibly effective, dynamic retry logic.

This sophisticated technology repairs failed transactions and improves subscriber retention—and it increases our customers' monthly revenue by an average of 12%.

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