The first subscription box service appeared in 2004. Called The Sampler, if offered samples of products from independent, web-based artists and shops. Various other boxes emerged soon-after. Early successes include Quarterly, BirchboxNatureBox, and BarkBox (Recurly is proud to count the latter two as customers!).

Over the years, subscription boxes have evolved as the market exploded. According to a recent article from Fast Company, there are now 3,500 subscription boxes available today providing every conceivable kind of product. And in a recent survey by First Insight, 25% of respondents said they currently have a box-of-the-month subscription, with another 32% planning to subscribe in the next six months (as reported in Forbes).  

While samples were a successful early strategy, replenishment of consumables delivered on a regular cadence also gained early traction and has become a decidedly booming business, providing both convenience and cost-savings. Razors and beard-grooming products for men are popular. For women, beauty boxes and lifestyle boxes are a mainstay. But women are also recognizing the convenience of a subscription box for their period care products.

One such company providing these products is Cora. But Cora is more than just a subscription box business. The company believes that not only is every woman a “force of nature,” they believe every girl deserves an education. So, for every month’s supply of product purchased, Cora provides a month’s supply of pads and health education to a girl in need.

Cora relies on Recurly to grow their business and support their mission. Cora uses Recurly’s free trial feature to gain new subscribers, while Recurly’s hybrid-commerce feature increases their revenue and improves the customer experience by letting them sell subscriptions and one-time products in the same transaction. Recurly’s sophisticated dunning helps them minimize involuntary churn. And Recurly Analytics provides important insights. 

By integrating Recurly with Shopify, Cora has been able to easily scale their business which lets them serve more women and girls in developing nations and here in the US through their partnerships with non-profits.

Learn more about this inspiring company, and how they have benefitted from using Recurly’s subscription management platform, in our latest case study.